wafa’ harb. 16 years old. live in balata camp


balata camp

balata camp

1. About myself:
My name is Wafa Harb, I am 16 years old and I live in Balata Camp which is the biggest camp from a people number. The situation in Balata Camp is very difficult but for me I find it well, not very good and not very bad. But for the people who live in the camp, the life in it is very hard. There is no space between the houses in the camp and the houses itself are so small. Also, there is a house the sunshine dont enter it. But for me, I live in the 3rd floor so it is high for the camp and my house not very small and not very big. Also my father and mother work, so we can live well although sometime we heve some problems but we can pass it and this is for me and for my family, but for the others it is so harder because there is a house no one work in it, so they just can living by the helping from the other.

About my daily life, i am now in a holiday, so in the holiday you can do what you want. For me I go to many clubs which can help youth to spending the good time, by many activities they give it to us. Other things I do is going with my friend so I can have a good time with them or I can stay in the house with my family in my parents holiday.
But in school everything will be different cause I have to stay in the house to study cause the learning in Palestine is very hard. But I can study hard and face all the problems.

2. About my life and my camp:
Secondly, I live in Balata Camp, I explained before about the life in it is very difficult. In 1948 the Catastrophy in Palestine made the Palestinian went out them houses and from the own and lands. So most of them went to many country outside Palestine like Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and most of them stay in Palestine. But in the West Bank, so when they find place they first left in camps which made by the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) in 1952, and the UNDP made the camps to approximately 4000 in 1km and now the populationin the camps is 25,000 in the same space (1km). SO the fast increasing of number made the life in the camp very hard, and these things make many problems like health problem, education problems, and employment. So there is a lot of men and youth dont have a work. But about the helping, the UNDP giving many things to make the camp much good- it built schools, health center, and it give support to the families who need the help, for example the family who have prisoner or who have someone killed by the Israel army. So this is a small summary about the place where I live.

3. About what I love:
Thirdly, for me  my life is not so bad, in fact no one love to live in the camp with all these problems but I love my everyone live near me in the camp cause for me, everyone in the camp love the other. So the people are so good with each other and this is the good thing. And I love all my friend, my family, my teacher, and I love PALESTINE too.
And I hope that Palestine will become free and I know that it one day it will get its freedom. So my ambition will become true- we will never get disappointed to stop. I want to complete my learning in university, I want to be an engineer, and help Palestine to stand again.

-Wafa Harb



nabluse-the old city


nabluse-the old city


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